APS format 1.8" 6 Mega Pixel One shot color

    With the QHY-8 the world has finally got a large format camera at world beater prices. Costing less than many competitors medium format cameras. With full 16bit analog to digital conversion, cooled to -35C below ambient and in a small package (not much larger than a standard CD). CCD-labs has partnered with QHY Astronomy to bring this affordable imaging package to the US market. With very low read noise and outstanding sensitivity this camera is sure to be a winner.

  • High resolution / High sensitivity / Excellent Ha sensitivity

  • Extremely low dark current (no dark frames needed if cooling is active)

  • High speed USB2.0 interface (full frame downloads in less than 10 seconds)

  • High speed focus mode full frame downloads in 1 second

  • Includes Nebulosity 2.0 for capture (AstroArt and MaximDL drivers available)

  • Sealed CCD chamber with Argon gas purge

CCD type:

Sony ICX453AQ Progressive Scan APS CCD

Pixel size:

Square 7.8um x 7.8um

Image format:

3032(h) x 2016(v) ~ 6.11M pixels

Image Area:

23.4mm(h) x 15.6mm(v) APS film equvilent

CCD Quality:

Grade 1, no bad columns or pixels

Spectral Response:

QE max at 540um ~60%

Read Noise:

less than 11 -e RMS (typically less than 9 -e)

Full-well capacity:

Greater than 25K -e un-binned


200x full well capacity overload margin

Dark Current:

.5 -e/pixel/second @ +15C ambient

System gain:

variable from .9-e/ADU to .4-e/ ADU in 64 steps


2x2 / 4x4

Data Format:

16 bit RAW

Computer Interface:

USB 2.0 high speed interface

Download time:

Full Frame typically less than 8 seconds

Power requirements:

12V @ 4 amps

Cooling system:

Active 2 stage Thermoelectric cooling


90mm x 90mm x 50mm


 650 grams


Coming soon


1499$ USD

Buy now:

Eshop online store

  • QHY8 OSC camera

  • Pelican Airtight case

  • DC to Cig. light power plug

  • USB 2.0 Cable

  • DC101 Power supply and cable

  • Nebulosity 2.0 (fully licensed)

  • Drivers for Maxim/DL / AstroArt (ASCOM Platform v5)

  • Optional AC power supply (12VDC @5amps) available

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